About Habib Capital Limited:

Habib Capital Limited (HCL) is a financial services company regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), and is based out of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). HCL provides entire range of financial services including Assets Management, Arranging Credit, Advising on Financial Products, Arranging Custody, and Investment deals.
HCL provides services to clients and institutions based out of Middle-East, Asia and Africa.

About Dubai:

Dubai with its vision of high paced growth has attracted worldwide attention through world class infrastructure, a dynamic and ever evolving business climate and vibrant and safe social atmosphere. It is counted among the top global economic hubs and is one of the best business destinations in the Middle East.

About DIFC:

With an ever evolving business climate, what is needed is a flexible and world class regulatory environment. DIFC provides exactly that, within its jurisdiction. DIFC model is backed up by an independent risk- based regulator, (DFSA) which provides the guidelines for conducting the business in the right way, and this has been inculcated in the business practices followed by HCL.